Length - 58"
Weight - 19oz. to 20oz.
Tip width - 13mm
1. Tip
New for 2007, my standard tip will be Kamui Medium (www.kamuitips.com). I always use a black pad between the ferrule and tip.
2. Ferrule
My standard ferrule is old Micarta (picture)-the best ferrule material in the world. The Micarta we have in stock is over 20 years old. Ivory is also available. All Ferrules are drilled, tapped, and capped (picture).
3. Shaft
Special hand selected Hard Rock Maple. Every shaft is hung a minimum of 3 months between cuts. There are 11 cuts to get the shafts to 14mm, and then they hang for at least 6 months. The whole process takes about 4 years.
4. Joint Collar
Linen base phenolic, black or brown.
5. Joint Pin
Brass 3/8"-11. I developed this pin when I started. It is uniquely designed to fit very snug with the threads in the shaft. I machine my own screws.
6. Joint
Flat face, linen base phenolic is standard but Ivory is also available.
7. Forearm
Woods most frequently used are Birdseye Maple, Cocobola, Ebony, Bocote, Purpleheart, and Tulip.
8. Points
In 1998 we started doing re-cut points. They are more time consuming and costly. I am limited on the colors available but re-cut points construction is more solid and the look is awesome.
9. Decor Rings
We make the rings to accent the cue.
10. Wrap
Irish linen or leather.
11. Below Wrap
Below the wrap, the wood will usually match the top of the cue. Inlay work is done by hand with a Dremel and X-Acto knife (picture). Donna Harris does the scrimshaw work (pictures).
12. Butt Cap
Linen base phenolic or Ivory.